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With polling less than four days away, all parties are stepping up their campaigns in a mad dash towards the finish line. For some it may already be too late. Most polls and political observers are now predicting that Pakatan Harapan will secure at least 90 of the 212 seats in parliament. If that happens, Pakatan, as the largest single party in parliament, will be in a strong position to form the next government. But don’t count on it.

Already, there is talk that BN and PN might gang up on PH to prevent them from forming the government. PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said yesterday that PN is planning to form a coalition with BN after the elections. It is a tacit admission that neither BN nor PN is going to get even a simple majority and are hoping to join forces against Pakatan. 

PN president Muhyiddin Yassin has, of course, denied it but some reports suggest that secret negotiations are already underway. Whatever it is, you can be sure that BN and PN will kiss and make up like long-lost lovers if it will help get them get to Putrajaya. And for sure, they’ll once again invoke racial and religious narratives and play up all sorts of doomsday scenarios to pre-empt a Pakatan administration. 

And then, all the infighting and instability that marked the previous two PN-BN administrations will start again. Remember these are all men without principle, lusting for power and greedy for riches. 

Former attorney-general Tommy Thomas pointed out recently that constitutional convention and parliamentary tradition demands that the leader of the coalition to win the greatest number of seats be invited to form the government. We must all be vigilant to make sure that the will of the voters is not thwarted again by anyone.

One way to ensure it does not happen is for Pakatan supporters – along with every Malaysian who wants to see reform and change, an end to corruption and the abuse of power – to make one last and final effort to push Pakatan across the finishing line with at least 100 seats if not an outright majority. Once Pakatan reaches the 100-seat mark, it will be difficult for anyone to thwart the will of the people and prevent Pakatan from taking power.

So please, let’s go all out to make this the highest voter turnout in our history. Make sure you vote come hell or highwater. Help your friends and family to vote, carry them to the polling stations if necessary. Speak to everyone you meet too.  It’s now or never. Pakatan is close to victory; let’s help carry it over the finish line and change our nation for the better once and for all!

[Dennis Ignatius | Kuala Lumpur | 16th November 2022]