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Articulate and cogently argued article by lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri . Well worth reading & pondering. A shame that she is now being investigated for sedition. This is a debate we should not be afraid of having. We will never be a true democracy until we feel comfortable about discussing issues like this ~ Dennis Ignatius



Fadiah Nadwa Fikri

Artikel versi Bahasa Melayu boleh didapati di sini.

Upon his release from prison, former opposition leader and prime minister in waiting Anwar Ibrahim shared his thoughts on his winding political journey and went on to say something that was exceptionally profound – that the value of freedom was the lesson he learned from prison life. Three years flew by. A man’s liberty was taken away and shackled to prison walls. To spectators of this political episode, Anwar’s incarceration felt like a long absence. In his absence, ordinary Malaysians continued to deal with their everyday struggles amidst the mundane and intolerable suffocating reality. Some struggled to navigate and make sense of the meaning of freedom, having been forced to live in a bigger prison surrounded by impenetrable walls invisible to many.

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