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voteIt was reported that at the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reform, the MCA representative stated that extending the vote to Malaysians residing abroad would be unreasonable as they receive “doubtful information.” He also said that those residing abroad are out of touch and do not truly understand the situation in Malaysia.

Why is the MCA so afraid of letting Malaysians living abroad vote in national elections? Why is the MCA betraying its own roots and conniving to deprive Malaysians citizens of the right to vote?  Is the MCA not aware that overseas balloting is standard practice for most democracies?

If there is anyone that is out of touch with reality it is the MCA. It has lost its ability to read the mood of the voters, especially the very people it claims to speak for. No wonder they were thoroughly drubbed at the last elections.

As for so-called “doubtful information,” most Malaysians consider the information that is found in much of the national media (and the MCA owned newspaper as well)  to be of doubtful authenticity and of doubtful value. The MCA needs to remember that Malaysians rejected much of the national media a long time ago because it is government controlled and no longer objective. Just look at the pitiful sales of newspapers in the country.

Malaysians, both at home and abroad, are much more savvy that the MCA gives them credit for. They can see through the lies and the deception and they know when they are being manipulated.

Listening to government officials discuss this matter is to listen to a whole cacophony of excuses. The fact remains that many other countries allow for overseas registration and voting. Even Tunisia, doing its first democratic elections, allowed for it and everything went smoothly.

The real reason is that the government is afraid of its citizens, both at home and abroad and is resorting to all sorts of chicanery to deny them their rights. Shame on the MCA for betraying the people this way!